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          (  $ 1.00  )

            You ever wanted to add your own laser Swords to your videos like in the movies

           without having to have high dallor editing software!? well in muvizu now you can

          with the Sci Fi Laser Swords pack, all you have to do is add the sword handle 

       attachment to your character's hand, and then import the blade and animate it

                     with the movement of your character's hand, and add plenty of lighting to your scenes       




                                                                                                                                         ( Sci Fi Laser Swords update List)

                                                                                                                  RAR file and Passwords will be emailed once pack is purchesed!

                                                                                                          Update # 1: Two Sabers and Two Saber blades, Red and Blue









                               This Diner set is perfect for those Scenecs in retaurants!