Animation and Modeling Resources





This is a very easy modeling tool, I use in several of my animations, I didn't realize it was upon steam until now, so

I decided to share here!


kHED lets you create models of any complexity, but mainly designed for low-poly props (under 10k triangles). There's variety of geometry primitives like Plane, Polygon, Box, Sphere, Cylinder, Tube, Torus, as well as procedural tools like "lathe" and "loft". Texture mapping tool supports planar, cylindrical, spherical projection, and basic unwrapping functions.
There's also a powerful UV editor with a handy model preview and ability to export UV map to use as background for texture creation.

Game engines support:

  • Import/export Wavefront *.obj files
  • Directly import Half-Life (GoldSrc) *.mdl and *.smd files 
  • Directly export to Half-Life *.mdl files (NOTE: you need to have studiomdl.exe from Half-Life SDK)
  • Export to Ostriv assets (buildings, agents, skeletons)
  • You can also use Milkshape3D import/export plugins
  • Wide range of supported texture file formats including PSD, DDS, VTX and many others





For those of you who have Vr and would to animate in Vr, then this is the best Vr animation software in my opinion, 

I used this to make all of the flying scenes in my Star Wars Keven video!




Tvori is another great Vr animation software, and not like AnimVR it's easier to use, and like Muvizu you don't need any

knowledge to animate just your creative skills, not like muvizu where you have a limited attachment to add to your characters,

 you  can  attachments to all of your character's limbs, create your environments and props and import them into Tvori, animate your

own actions, add sound and music, and add lighting to make a unique set for your animation, then when done animating you can export it to avi!